Aren't You Selfish?

That moment when you are contemplating doing something, say for instance buying an article but it's really expensive so you are trying to figure out if it is really worth it and then a friend comes by and tells you that they bought the same material of a lower quality than yours for twice the amount you are considering. Isn't it funny that at that point you quickly buy that material with a slight feeling of happiness because of your friend's misfortune. 
Another scenario is when you just bought something for a rather outrageous price but because you know it's very important it didn't hurt so much. The moment your friend tells you she got the same thing for free, it just begins to feel like a big balloon of jealousy mixed with anger and ganished with pain is amount to burst up I'm your heart. 
I know it's funny but is that not how witchcraft is identified?  Rejoicing at your friends downfall and only expecting the good thing for yourself alone. Some people m…

How Comfortable Would You Want Your Shoes To Be?

I have this habit of buying oversized shoes. This is not because I like them big but because I want to be comfortable walking around in my shoes.  A size below is usually way too tight, the right size is good but it still hurt my toes and a size bigger is just too big. I rarely wear high heeled shoes, only on special occasions and for the same reason -comfort on my feet. 
I didn't realize how ugly I looked on my feet till my friends brought my attention to it, they always said my feet looked like they were running away from me because they are way too long or they would say if someone saw me coming from a distance, they would first see my feet before they saw me. The funny thing is that I only buy shoes a size bigger than my original size why would I be looking that ridiculous then? 
One day, I bought a shoe exactly my size. I didn't buy it because I felt like turning a new leaf but because I loved the design and they didn't have a bigger size. When I first wore it, my frie…

Are you really Honest?

The value of honesty can never be over rated.

 Often times, we lie and ask God to bless the lie.
Some lies are considered small and insignificant, some are called "white ", some are said to save ourselves from a particular situation and some others are said in the form of a joke but often times we tend to ignore who is on the other side of our lies, what does the person's impression of us become, would the person over look it since it's a joke, would the person take it to heart wondering why we had to lie in the first place.

Actually, honesty mustn't be reflected in what we say, it can also be in how we say it and in what we do. Sometimes we wonder why exam malpractice is not allowed, this is because it's actually lie on our actually abilities.

Honesty can also be reflected in how we take care of things put in our care, do we hoard resources and present a dishonest report, do we exaggerate our actually abilities to make our presentation more appealing, do …

Good but not Good for Me

"He is such a nice person, but I feel like I shouldn't be dating him" .

    Sometimes, some of us make this statement or know someone who has made this kind of statement. It could be the other way around, "she is great but I don't feel anything for her".

     A lot of people are in relationships with people they consider as being nice, kind or show some interest in them but somehow some people don't know when the line is drawn between being good and being good for someonesomeone, these are entirely two different things.
Someone might be so caring but they don't speak your love language, they might be so generous but you keep questioning why you are with them in a relationship, you keep looking for ways to leave the relationship because it doesn't feel right but then you don't know how to leave because the said people are just so good that you can't even come up with a reasonable reason to escape.

     I don't know if any of you …

When in Shanghai

A lot of stories have been said about this place, from being the hub of foreigners in China, with a very beautiful environment, to being one the most expensive places to live in China and so on.  It all made my longing to visit this place really high so when I saw an opportunity to, it was only natural to take it. 
From the moment I commenced my trip to the day I got back to my city had me filled with a feeling of ecstasy not because of the city of Shanghai or what I found therein but because of those I travelled with.  Really great people whose ideas are not just interesting but informative, every argument made sense, every moment spent with them just felt like the right thing to do. I laughed so hard at their many jokes, the walks, the complaints, the search for our way around, even the confusion was just incredible. 
It doesn't matter where you go to in life or what you get to do, the important thing is who you get to go there with and what you get to do with them that adds jo…

The Relationship between Marriage and Respect

Hey guys , my friend sent this to me and though I find it really hilarious, it's completely ridiculous. read up and share your thoughts in the comment section, I would like to know what you think.

      "Today at school,I went to get my monthly clearance form from the headmaster, it happened that I entered with three other fellow corps members.
The headmaster unfortunately has just one form left and asked someone go make photocopies. One was with a child
The other has a ring( wedding ring or engagement ring,I didn't bother looking)
The last, quite chubby and bigger than me in looks
I was busy with my phone,my head down when I heard ' ocha go and make photocopies.
I turned with that look like ' Are you talking to me, me?
They chorused  yes,you
I asked why, like why should I be the one to go make photocopies for you guys.
Unbelievably they said' I buro nwunye oga(you ain't married or with a child)
I shook!😳
I was like wow!
They chorused yes now ,no evidenc…

Let's talk about EVANGELISM

I don't know for you all but I've always thought the idea of evangelism is to go into the world,  preach to people, get them to believe in Jesus Christ and then add them into the church.
Well, I was taught a better approach to evangelism, which is going into the world and make disciples of all nations but instead of just adding to the church population, train them to also go into the world and make more disciples, this way, the chain of dissemination of the Gospel just like a tree with many branches, is well spread, reaching out to all corners of the world and very fast too.
     The essence of this is not because it is a command but a call to help save the lost who in most cases don't know they are lost especially in this our generation.
    It would be difficult of course, you would get rejected or laughed at but hey, count it all joy that you suffer persecution for Christ's sake 😉.
       It might not necessarily mean you would have to preach directly, your …