The Change Process

An article by my friend Elele, U.A.  Enjoy...

2018 will be better for those that cooperate with God.

It is simply one second after 11:59 pm on December 31.

A new sun doesn’t appear. No star drops. Rain doesn't fall for a second and go. Some people simply jump because they can now flip their calendar.

They believe that because they call it "new" that it will become "new". But just like no star falls, nothing really happens. It is only a continuation of the previous day.

If you decided to change somewhere in August, your life would have been better in August; same for September and November.

It is the decision/willingness to change that really makes people better. And this decision can be taken anytime.

A lot are in church now; others are waiting for "some words" to glue to their bibles, doors, and cars, a lot have oil applied to their faces. I remember how many wishes I got during my Matriculation. Everyone was happy, but few came around to ask me whe…

Back Then When....

Ok, so I'm gisting with my roommate and we are discussing the silly things we did as teenagers.
 Remember when you were busy making midnight calls to one boy that year, when you were sneaking around at night like a rat looking for a comfortable place for the call. I particularly remember how many times my mum seized my phone just because the noise from my laugher at night was so loud. If I tell you say I still remember the name of the boy I was talking to then, you know say I dey lie.

That time you would willingly volunteer to fetch water so that you can have the time to meet your secret boyfriend and chat a little. If he buys something for you, you would also sneak into the house and then share it with your favorite sibling because if you give others they might tell on you.
I remember how many times the food I was cooking got burnt simply because I was on 2go and my papa no dey hear that kind talk o, he would always deduct the estimated price of the kerosene spent on the burnt f…


A look at this picture would send a message.

It just depends on the interpretation we give. Some would prefer to see it as focusing too much on the little things that the bigger or more important things gets ignored. Some others might interpret it as appreciating the little things and knowing that without the accumulation of the little, there might not be a bigger version.

Whichever way we choose to look at things, events, or occurences in our lives, depends sorely on us. Everyone including you is entitled to their opinion but the way you choose to view life determines how you get to live it.

Picture for Today.

No need for narratives, just thoughts.

Your Smile, Your Choice

Imagine being best friends with Telemundo the Indian Channel. Ridiculous right?

Do you remember that passage of the Bible that says if men don't worship the Lord, He would raise stones to worship Him? Well,  I think same goes here, if people no longer value each other and decide  to no longer be friends, well, things like Telemundo take their place.

Well, things haven't exactly been great for Mr. O.  He went from loosing his job to loosing his wife, then loosing his friends and getting a new job, winning his wife back to loosing his salary and loosing his wife again. The only thing he hasn't lost is his Faith, his Child and of course, his Telemundo.

 I'm sure he didn't see this coming. He used to be a very happy and generous fellow who always had people around him. People he shared dreams, goals, and even names with. He isn't exactly the most attractive of men but his beautiful heart taught  some people that the content was of more value than the container. W…

The Game of Blows

Hmm!  I saw this video on instagram of people fighting in the House of Rep abi na House of Senate, I'm not so sure of the particular one, all I know is that there was a fight and the characters in this game of blows are men old enough to be my dad at least, men that are supposed to be examples, men that were put there to protect and fight for a  better life for us.

I don't know what led to the fight sha but I was wondering if they use this same strength to fight for our rights as citizens and people under their care, if they can raise chairs to strike anyone that embezzles the money kept for the reconstruction of our roads and gutters to prevent cases of flood, if they throw blows at people that are behind the reason why Nigeria can't enjoy stable electricity, if they push anyone that tries to stop our students from going to school hence the ASUU strike Isorait!

Sometimes the things we do, do not matter as much as how we do them. See as I see them dy fight, the first thin…

Our Naija Brothers in "The Abroad "

A Naija brother in "the abroad" would walk up to me say he doesn't like dating Nigerian girls. In my mind, I would be like "errmm, sorry I'm not Portuguese, Russian or even Chinese 🙄" ,  he would go on to say "I don't know why I just like you, in fact you are the first Nigerian girl I've asked out since I left naija " . You won't believe the number of guys that have said this to me.
I'm beginning to wonder if there is a problem with being a Nigerian girl outside Nigeria. Is there something in the air which we unconsciously take in that probably changes us that Nigerian guys living outside Nigeria don't inhale? Abi is it just because of  "green card" ?

I honestly don't know why our men would come to the conclusion that Nigerian  women are totally unworthy of their love when they are not longer in their home country. The only reason they might want to even talk to you won't be far from eating Nigerian food, se…